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EuroNatur is a charitable foundation which was founded in 1987 by BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), Nabu the longest-established nature and biodiversity conservation association of Germany and DUH (German Environmental Aid). It is based in Radolfzell and is legally, organisationally and financially independent, autonomous and not affiliated to any political party.

MOm / The Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk seal is a Greek non–governmental environmental organization with the legal status of a Non–profit association. MOm is active in the protection and promotion of the coastal and marine environment of Greece, through the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal, which is the only seal species in the Mediterranean Sea and the most endangered seal on earth.

The Association BIOM is a non-profit, voluntary and independent civil society organization involved in nature protection, species and habitats conservation and promotion.

Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) is a non-governmental environmental organization that operates nationwide in Albania. PPNEA is known to be the first environmental organization in Albania, as it was officially established on 5 June 1991, with a special decree of the Albanian Academy of Sciences at the time. It emerged in a period of turmoil and socio-economic change in the country and the wider region – a time where environmental issues were looked down upon and given marginal priority in governing and policy issues.

CZIP’s mission is to protect birds and other animal and plant species, their habitats, biodiversity monitoring of Montenegro, citizen education, popularisation of scientific research, as well as cooperation with other organisations at home and abroad, dealing with the protection of nature.

In 2019, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation spearheaded the creation of the Monk Seal Alliance (MSA), which brings together five donor organizations (the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Mava Foundation, the Fondation Segré, the Sancta Devota Foundation and the Thalassa Foundation) with significant experience of funding monk seal conservation projects. The goal is to expand existing actions and step up concrete efforts to protect the species.

The MSA encourages practical action to protect the Mediterranean monk seal and its habitat through support for conservation projects throughout the species’ range. It aims to increase collaboration between donors and between actors on the ground, at the local, national and regional levels.